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Professional hair removal machines, beauty equipment <br>Product lineup

Professional hair removal machines, beauty equipment
Product lineup

“High-quality and high-performance” are required conditions of the success.

Estbeauté’s professional hair removal machines/beauty equipment are for next-generation products that anticipate the needs of the time.

Keeping the running cost low, but the profit high. Having the safety as well as the effect.

From owners of beauty salons’ point of view, we always provide high-quality and high-performance products.

  • Facial beauty machine AQUAPURE


    AQUAPURE is a facial machine to keep a beautiful skin. Four types of handpieces and solutions work effectively to deal with various skin problems such as dark circles, wrinkles, laugh lines, acnes, and pigmentation.

    It is a beauty machine excellent in value for cost-performance and profitability.

  • Continuous Shooting Hair Removal Machine equipped with the latest function

    ルミクスA9 Main body

    LUMIX-A9 of the newest technology features its appearance designed by Atsushi Nakashima, the world-famous fashion designer. It provides every woman with beauty.
    Ten shots for a second, it is the fastest speed in the world. Shortening whole treatment time drastically leads to increase turnover ratio and profit of the beauty salon with the safety of the machine.
    The high performance of LUMIX TWIN, whose the lowest running cost in the world of 0.1 yen for on shot brings about increasing profits of salons, was upgraded.

  • Continuous shooting hair removal machine LUMIX


    Desk-top type of LUMIX-TWIN. High-speed multiple shooting 6 shots/second will raise turnover rate by 6 to 10 times. Moreover, 1 shot costs as cheap as 0.16 yen, which cuts down running cost substantially.
    Same as LUMIX-TWIN, LUMIX is a multifunctional hair removal machine with 7 menus, light facial (skin care, pigmentation treatment, wrinkle treatment, acne care and facial redness treatment) and bust firming. Beauty salon business could be changed completly with only one machine.

  • Bone structure distortion adjustment, Kaatsu, EMS beauty equipment AIR PROFESSOR TRIPLE SYSTEM


    Growth hormone treatment which is highlighted in media. It is an effective beauty machine for gainning weight after giving birth and pelvic distortion.
    APTS (Air Professor Triple System) is a combination of (1) adjustment of misaligned bones applying aerodynamics, (2) HGH secretion by Kaatsu theory and (3) electrical stimulation from EMS.

  • Multifunctional beauty machine PRIMO EX Ⅱ


    PRIMO EX Ⅱ is a compact multi-functional machine that performs “Radio Frequency (RF)”, “cavitation” and “suction”.
    It does not only allow you to secure a treatment space but also to have various slimming menus, enabling you to meet a broad range of demands from customers. “Touch panel color display” makes the operation simple.