Professional beauty machine<br>AIR PROFESSOR TRIPLE SYSTEM

Professional beauty machine

Professional beauty machine “AIR PROFESSOR TRIPLE SYSTEM” performs three kinds of treatments, pelvic alignment, kaatsu and EMS at the same time. By using the epoch-making beauty theory that focuses on growth hormone, you will get high motional effect while just lying down, and it will help the body become hard to gain weight and easy to lose weight.

Professional beauty machine<br>AIR PROFESSOR TRIPLE SYSTEM

High Quality "Pelvic alignment, kaatsu and muscular movement" simultaneous triple care supervised by doctors

Image of treatment by AIR PROFESSOR

Aligning the pelvis, increasing muscle mass and boosting metabolism - three factors to keep a beautiful figure can be taken care of by this just one machine. Poor secretion of growth hormone, which is essential for beauty and health, may cause low metabolism and skin problems. AIR PROFESSOR TRIPLE SYSTEM will effectively treat those factors, and lead your body to be toned up and fit one while you are just lying down.

1. Aligning distortion of pelvis and leading to well-balanced body

Image of pelvic alignment

The four pressure points are arranged in the air mat and each point protrudes at a different timing. Air pressure and strong twisting movements realize high-aligning effect, by giving stretches to stiff muscles.

2. Increasing motional effect by kaatsu. Also for aging care.

Image of Kaatsu

Kaatsu will generate a lot of lactic acid in the body, making growth hormone 290 times as much as a normal exercise. It will bring better effect than a self-guided exercise.
Blood will circulate smoothly, and production of substances necessary for beautiful skin such as collagen and turnover are boosted. Anti-aging effects can be expected as well.

3. Muscular movements by EMS to increase muscular strength in a short time

Image of muscular movements by EMS

In addition to the abs pad big enough to cover almost the whole belly, electrifying pads such as on both hands, back, lower legs, arms and legs are placed all over the body. A wide range of frequencies will give various electrical stimulations. A motional effect equivalent to 150 sit-ups can be obtained in 10 minutes. Increased muscular strength will lead to high-metabolism and healthy body.

High Spec Three of high-performance machines to create a body easy to lose weight and hard to gain weight

Easy operation on touch panel, Carefree maintenance service

Image of operation of AIR PROFESSOR

The touch panel is simple to operate even for newly employed staff. The machine can be in operation to the full right after installation. The guarantee period is one year. Any troubles during the period would be covered for free of charge, and substitute would be also arranged. In case of any malfunction, our in-house team will promptly respond to it. The machine can be used anytime without any concerns. Introductory training is free of charge, and we provide not only how to operate the machine and basic knowledge but also other necessary knowhow such as how to propose menus to customers.

Specifications/Product Specifications

Air Twister
ーPelvic Alignmentー

AIR TWISTER main body

It comes with two automatic modes "Massage & stretch mode" to relax stiff muscles by slow rhythms, and "Distortion alignment mode" to give strong twisting movements by high air pressure. In Custom mode, speed of air blowing from the air cuffs (4 levels), strength of air pressure, type of air pressure and treatment time can be set manually. By giving treatment without using the included cushion, treatment focused on bowlegs is also available. Four of air cuffs (air protruding points) are arranged at the back, giving stretches to the back and aligning the spine.

Air Professor

AIR PROFESSR main body

There are four of air belts in total for both arms and legs, giving kaatsu to the whole body.Setting to repeat pressurizing and depressurizing can be automatically done, and also a combination with the movements of AIR TWISTER and DR.SLIM is possible. It helps secretion of HGH based on kaatsu theory.

Dr. Slim

DR. SLIM main body

The basic output of the machine is low frequencies of 1Hz - 150Hz. Electrical stimulations are given directly to the belly, arms, back (with the round pad, applicable to neck, shoulders, backside and lower back) and the bottoms of feet. The treatment can be selected from 12 levels and output for each pad can be individually set. There are six program modes, preset complex combinations of movements, "Exercise I", "Exercise II", "General Exercise", "Cellulite Break Down", "Lymph Drainage" and "Fatigue Recovery", to be chosen from according to purpose.