Fat-freezing beauty machine<br>Freeze Sculptor

Fat-freezing beauty machine
Freeze Sculptor

Freeze Sculptor” utilizes the characteristic of fat and treats with fat to be got rid of by freezing it. This new fat-freezing method makes body hard to regain weight.

Fat-freezing beauty machine<br>Freeze Sculptor

High Quality Hard to regain weight, trendy fat-freezing method

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Prevention of weight regain


This fat-freezing method uses the characteristic of fat cells that harden at 4 ℃. Treatment effect is obtained even more if massage is given for smooth waste drainage after the treatment by Freeze Sculptor.
Fat-freezing menu, trendy as an esthetic menu which is painless, low physical impact, scalpel-less and hard to regain weight, is demanded and well repeated by customers, which contributes to gain more customers.

Features of highly effective suction type Freeze Sculptor

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Unlike the plate type, it grips the skin firmly to freeze fat cells, improving the result of the treatment. It is perfect for spot-slimming such as belly, thighs, or legs.
Also, the wavelength of the blue LED light in the handpiece has effects to regenerate epidermis and increase metabolism.

High Spec Carefree 1 year guarantee/Maintenance

Simple operation on touch panel

Freeze Sculptor operation panel

The simple touch panel operation is easy for newly employed staff. Setting of time, temperature, etc. is easily done.
Also, in case of any malfunction, we prepare a substitute. Maintenance is performed promptly by our in-house team. At the introduction of the machine, we provide a free introductory training to teach basic knowledge, operation, as well as how to propose menus, which is a reliable support system.

Specifications/Product Specifications

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