Continuous shooting hair removal machine LUMIX

Continuous shooting hair removal machine LUMIX

Continuous Shooting Hair Removal Machine LUMIX Like the super high-speed LUMIX-TWIN, continuous shooting hair removal machine “LUMIX” is high-quality and high-performance. It is compact, yet it gets satisfying results. It is a popular hair removal machine for professional use introduced in many beauty salons from studio-type privately owned salons to large-scaled esthetic salons.

Continuous shooting hair removal machine LUMIX
  • EWJ FAST awarded for 4 years in a row
  • 94.8% customer satisfaction rating
  • More than 750 companies have introduced LUMIX.

High Speed High-speed continuous shots complete a full-body hair removal session in 20 minutes! Customer turnover rate is 6 times faster.

Treatment image Comparison of the number of customers treated per bed

0.16 yen / shot

Change of light source 100 thousand yen (600 thousand shots)

LUMIX employs 6 shots/second continuous shooting system, making the treatment time much shorter. A full body hair removal session completes in 20 minutes, which enables to improve customer turnover rate 6-10 times faster.*1
Moreover, 1 shot costs 0.16 yen, lower than other machines. It will contribute to your profit.

*1 theoretical value

High Quality New hair removal theory "SHR method" makes hair removal for men painless.

Hair cycle doesn't matter! Short-term hair removal is realized by the treatment sessions every month.

Difference of pain felt (image) Shortening of treatment time for full body hair removal

Conventional hair removal needs to align with hair cycle (1 time/2-3 months) and causes pain. However, SHR (Super Hair Removal) method realized treatment sessions every month regardless of hair cycle, completing hair removal in 6 months at earliest. It causes little pain in hair removal for men who have dense and thick hairs. Many good reviews are received from the beauty salons using our machine that they have gained repeaters.

Hair type doesn't matter.
Downy hair, blond hair or fine hair can be treated.


Not only dense and thick hair like men's but also light-color hair like downy hair, blond hair and fine hair can be treated by LUMIX.

Skin color doesn't matter.
Sun-tanned skin or dark skin can be treated.


The hair removal method using black melanin pigments cannot be done on tanned skin. However, LUMIX hair removal is applicable to any skin color, enabling treatment of hair growing out of moles as well. It will attract more customers.

High Spec Simple operation & esthetic menus included - high-spec hair removal machine

Popular photo facial and bust firming menus available

LUMIX menu samples

Just by changing settings, LUMIX can perform photo facial and bust firming in addition to hair removal. Skin care, or skin problems such as pigmentation, wrinkles, acnes, facial redness or aging care, and bust firming for a young-looking shape -various esthetic menus can be proposed.

Safe and simple operation
by Auto Mode

LUMIX operation panel

Large liquid crystal display is easy to see and operate just by selecting 5 items. Auto setting prevents troubles caused by operation errors.Staff without any experience in hair removal or newly employed staff can learn in only one day and become ready to work without training cost.

Low running cost for cost reduction &
profit increase

Cost comparison

Running cost is an important factor for running beauty salons. The life of light source of LUMIX handpieces is 600 thousand shots for as low as 100 thousand yen. It will contribute to offering menus that have competive price and to increasing profit.

Specifications/Product Specifications

Lumix Main body Lumix Specifications
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*Japan only