Continuous shooting hair removal machine LUMIX-TWIN

Continuous shooting hair removal machine LUMIX-TWIN

Safety, security, high-quality and high-performance - all are included in this continuous shooting high-speed hair removal machine “LUMIX-TWIN”.
It is the latest SHR-method hair removal machine for professional use that gained satisfaction and trust of our customer salons for its power and proved results even in continuous shooting mode.

Continuous shooting hair removal machine LUMIX-TWIN
  • EWJ FAST awarded 4 years in a row
  • Customer satisfaction 94.8%
  • 750 companies introduced LUMIX

High Speed Continuous shooting of high speed, 10 shots in a second, makes whole body hair removal in 12 minutes!*1 Even with low cost.

Image of treatment Comparison of treatment time for full body hair removal

0.1 yen/shot

Change of light source 100 thousand yen (1 million shots)

LUMIX-TWIN beams high-speed continuous shots as fast as 600 shots in one minute. Hair removal treatment for underarms is done in one minute, for legs in three minutes (*1). The treatment time used to be two hours for full body hair removal but is now 1/reduced to 1/10. More appointments can be acceptable, and customer turnover rate improves ten times more, leading to a substantial increase in sales.

*1 theoretical value

High Quality New hair removal theory "SHR method" is versatile regardless of hair cycle, skin color or hair type.

Hair cycle doesn't matter! Short-term hair removal in 6 months at earliest.

Difference of pain felt (image) Shortening of treatment time for full body hair removal

Conventional hair removal methods such as laser, IPL and SSC need to align with hair cycle (1 time/2-3 months) and cause pain. However, SHR (Super Hair Removal) method realized treatment sessions every month regardless of hair cycle.
It is painless and short-term as short as 6 months, which is a big attraction for customers.

Well received by men as well!
No pain & no heat hair removal.

Image of hair removal for men

SHR method is heat-storage type which gives thermal energy to the whole hair follicles. It feels like warm massage. It causes little damage to skin or pain even for beard removal for men.

Downy hair, sun-tanned skin or dark skin - leave everything to LUMIX hair removal

Image of hair removal area

Hair type, hair color or skin color does not matter to LUMIX-TWIN. It can treat downy hair, blond hair, or on sun-tanned skin or dark skin which cannot be treated by other beauty salons. Hairs growing out of moles or around nipples can be removed as well.

High Spec Esthetic menus included! Safe and secure high-spec hair removal machine

Powerful and usable in continuous duty! Twin cooling system employed

Image of LUMIX-TWIN cooling system

Normally, hair removal machines generate heat in continuous duty; therefore, intervals between radiations are necessary. However, LUMIX-TWIN has twin cooling system, which enables continuous use without danger and no breakdown.

Simple operation even for newly employed staff, saving training costs

LUMIX-TWIN operation panel

The operation is as simple as selecting only 5 items. As auto setting is available, it prevents troubles caused by operation errors. Staff without any experience in hair removal can be ready to provide treatment in only 1 day training. Training cost can be cut substantially.

Esthetic menus such as photo facial and bust firming available

LUMIX-TWIN menu samples

In addition to hair removal, photo facial menus such as skin care, pigmentation, wrinkle, acne and facial redness treatment and bust firming menu are included. These esthetic menus are well received by our customer salons, enabling them to obtain repeaters. This 1 machine can change beauty salon business drastically.

Specifications/Product Specifications

LUMIX-TWIN Main body LUMIX-TWIN Specifications
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*Japan only