Multifunctional beauty machine<br>PRIMO EX Ⅱ

Multifunctional beauty machine

PRIMO EX Ⅱ” is a multifunctional beauty machine that performs three types of treatments; cavitation, radio frequency (RF) and suction.
It is compact to handle yet allows you to offer various kinds of esthetic menus. It is a popular beauty machine for professional use chosen by the beauty salons which pursue results.

Multifunctional beauty machine<br>PRIMO EX Ⅱ

High Quality Three roles with one machine, multifunction to get results

Image of treatment by PRIMO EX Ⅱ

As one PRIMO EX Ⅱ covers popular slimming menus in esthetic salons, "cavitation", "radio frequency", and "suction", cost can be reduced. Various menus such as pre-wedding beauty treatments can be introduced. It is high-performance and easy to get results, which lead to acquiring repeaters.

1. Melting by cavitation

Image of cavitation

Fat is treated by special ultrasonic waves. The machine causes cavitation by 40kHz which is effective to generate shock waves. It is easy to do spot-slimming; therefore, it is applicable only to the areas to be treated. It increases metabolism, but prevents regaining weight, and makes the body tone and resilient by the effect of ultrasonic waves.

2. Warming by radio frequency

Image of radio frequency

By giving high-frequency waves, its vibration causes friction which further produces heat deep inside the body. Blood circulations and lymph flows are improved and metabolism is increased. Using monopolar system, low output delivers heat to deep inside the body. There is no danger of sparks and it is safe to perform treatments.

3. Draining by vacuum (suction)

Image of vacuum

Suction gives three-dimensional massages to the fat cells treated with cavitation and radio frequency, and increases the effect by its pressure. The completely automatic roller head will gives comfortable feeling of hand massage. Solid fat like cellulite can be treated as well.

High Spec Simple operation for everyone/carefree machine support

Simple by touch panel! Carefree one year guarantee

PRIMO EX Ⅱ operation panel

The 8-inch large color display is easy to see and operate. Introductory training is free of charge, and we provide not only how to operate the machine and basic knowledge but also other necessary knowhow such as how to propose menus to customers.
Also, the machine comes with 1 year guarantee. Any troubles during the period would be covered for free of charge and substitute machines would be arranged. In case of any malfunction, our in-house team will promptly respond to it. Therefore, the machine can be used anytime without any concerns. Specifications, Product Specifications

Specifications/Product Specifications

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