Caring about the ingredients

Caring about the ingredients

“safety and reliability” are required conditions.

The cosmetic product improves skin regeneration and provides inner skin with necessary ingredients for beautiful skin.
In this respect, we don’t spare active ingredients for the products caring about the raw materials.

To save all the people who have skin problems, we offer products you can feel safe to use.

Why we care about “water”?

Image of water

A 70-80% of the most of the cosmetics is water.
If “the water” can maximize the effect of other ingredients by being mixed with them, it’s a icing on the cake!

Estbeaute uses highly effective water such as “Vitamin C reduced water”, “strong acidic water”, “deep-sea water” etc.
“The water” that maximizes the effect of the cosmetic ingredients makes difference from other cosmetics that contain purified water.

Proven active ingredients

Cosmetics are applied directly to the skin, so we use carefully selected and proven active ingredients, considering damage/effect to the skin.

You will be enjoying seeing yourself in the mirror everyday.
You will be proud of your radiant and moist skin.

Various active ingredients