“It was great to meet ESTLAB.”
We want to make you feel like that.

The Company was founded as a general beauty product manufacturer, based on its knowhow of beauty salon business and cosmetics development gained by the experience in the beauty industry over 30 years.

For esthetic salons, we offer a wide range of high-quality cosmetics and beauty machines.

For individual customers, we offer “beauty” and “health” themed products, such as cosmeceuticals to keep skin healthier.

Also, our OEM cosmetics have a lot of special features, such as “the base water” and “the method” to keep the active ingredients fresh.
We have proven the effect and the safety of our OEM products.

As the best partner of the beauty salons and as the company that pleases all the customers with skin problems, we would like to advance and develop together with you.

Please look forward to us growing further.