Corporate Philosophy

Basic Philosophy

  1. Estlab Co.,Ltd. takes part in the beauty and health and contribute to the quality of life and culture providing general beauty care products and beauty salons to create beauty.
  2. Estlab Co.,Ltd. establishes trust and brings pleasure with meeting the demands of customers and providing best products and excellent technology.
  3. Estlab Co.,Ltd. respects the personality of each employee and gather their originalities to an organizational power, and create pleasures of work and fruitful lives.

Code of Conduct

  • We act merrily and positively.
  • We think creatively and flexibly.
  • We know our responsibilites and carry our weigh.
  • We raise intelligence and cultivate sensitivity.
  • We challenge for the possibility.

Management Policy

Business requires various kinds of “Powers”.
Estlab Co.,Ltd. strives to be a “powerful” company always for the goal, which is seeking for what the market, customers and users need and advance and develop together with the people concerned.


The need of the customer are always various and variable. We actively develop new products and technology to meet the requirements and deliver customer satisfaction always.


Aside from self-satisfaction, we realize the best quality in our service and treatment to satisfy our customers. We regard raising comercial value as important.


We consider the timing of service is important for customer satisfaction.
Speedy response is essential to the a reliable company.


We value the balance between price and quality to compete in the global market.
We consider our mission is offering better technology and service more than its price.


The power to step forward is generated by gathering many of outstanding qulifications.
We establish our original human network and realize our ideas.